Amazing Spider-Man Classics
041 - Emails

There's one last task to be done before the brand new episodes start in two weeks, and that is to clear the feedback deck. I always appreciate your emails, and I want to give each of them at least some attention, so in this episode, I respond to every email and iTunes review that has come in over the last five years since episode 37 was recorded.

Quite a few links are mentioned in the episode. They are as follows:

  • An article about the Marvel sliding timeline from previous show guest J.R. Fettinger
  • Email writer Aiden mentioned two novellas, but the included links are defunct
  • Anecdotal account of the Polaris Nuclear Sub
  • J.R. again, now dressed as Spider-Man!
  • A book about all the old Marvel ads from Amazon Smile (or just use regular Amazon, but Smile gives money to your chosen charity)
  • Aunt May as Spider-Man (*shudder*)
  • Fellow Spider-Podcaster from Brazil doing Uncle Ben's work in Portuguese

In future, should you wish to respond to our thoughts on the show, you can do so by writing to us here. Feedback is always welcome!

Come back in two weeks for the all-new, all-different Amazing Spider-Man Classics!

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