Amazing Spider-Man Classics
041 - Emails

There's one last task to be done before the brand new episodes start in two weeks, and that is to clear the feedback deck. I always appreciate your emails, and I want to give each of them at least some attention, so in this episode, I respond to every email and iTunes review that has come in over the last five years since episode 37 was recorded.

Quite a few links are mentioned in the episode. They are as follows:

  • An article about the Marvel sliding timeline from previous show guest J.R. Fettinger
  • Email writer Aiden mentioned two novellas, but the included links are defunct
  • Anecdotal account of the Polaris Nuclear Sub
  • J.R. again, now dressed as Spider-Man!
  • A book about all the old Marvel ads from Amazon Smile (or just use regular Amazon, but Smile gives money to your chosen charity)
  • Aunt May as Spider-Man (*shudder*)
  • Fellow Spider-Podcaster from Brazil doing Uncle Ben's work in Portuguese

In future, should you wish to respond to our thoughts on the show, you can do so by writing to us here. Feedback is always welcome!

Come back in two weeks for the all-new, all-different Amazing Spider-Man Classics!

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"Lost" 040 - Amazing Spider-Man 52 and The X-Men 35

This is it! This is the end of an era! But of course it is also the dawn of a new!

Josh Bertone and Don Grant join Jon Wilson one last time for a look back at a classic Spidey comic, namely Amazing Spider-Man 52, and one last time they are joined by Stephen Lacey of The Fantasticast. This rounds out the big Kingpin trilogy, and we also stop off briefly at the end with The X-Men 35.

In two weeks: emails!

In two more weeks: New hosts! New episodes! New Amazing Spider-Man Classics!

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"Lost" 039 - Amazing Spider-Man 51

Josh, Don, and Jon are once again joined by Stephen Lacey of the Fantasticast to look at an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, in this case that's issue 51 where Spidey and Jonah Jameson find themselves "In the Clutches of the Kingpin!" Come give a listen!

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"Lost" 038 - Amazing Spider-Man 50

It's been a long road getting from there to here. It's been a long time, but the time is finally here for "Spider-Man No More!" There is a bit of a story behind this "lost" episode. First of all, Stephen Lacey is back with us to talk Amazing Spider-Man 50, but Fall 2011 was before he became co-host of the the world-renowned Fantasticast, and we loved having him on to talk about the issue. Sadly, though, the recording malfunctioned, and we lost the first 40 minutes of the recording, which included the iconic trash can scene from the issue. We had to get together again a little bit later to rediscuss the first part of the issue, and then THAT recording was lost as well. So we got together AGAIN to rerediscuss that part. HOPEFULLY, my editing skills are masterful, so you'll hardly even be able to tell that there is a recording break or that the first part of the episode was recorded a little bit after the rest. Hope you enjoy!

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"Lost" 037 - Amazing Spider-Man 49

Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to listen as we go over everything in a Spidey comic. They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't--

Waaaait a minute! This isn't an Adele song! It's a brand new episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics, that's what it is!

What?! You mean you unsubscribed??? What a fool!, I mean, that's probably understandable cuz it's been a while. But the show is on its way to making a comeback. Beginning with this here episode right here.

So here's the lowdown. This is the first of three episodes from years and years ago that I am calling "lost" episodes. In it, Josh and Don help me take a look at the ins, the outs, and the drama of Amazing Spider-Man 49. Over the next few weeks, two more episodes will come your way with a special guest walking with us through issues 50-52. And then I'm gonna do an episode where I sit down and clean out the email bag.

And then the show will be back to new episodes. With some changes. But you'll hear about that only if you listen, which you should definitely do!

And I hope you enjoy it :)

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