Amazing Spider-Man Classics
029 ASM Classics - Amazing Spider-Man 41 and King-Size Special 3

The Rhino's on the Rampage, and the Avengers want Spider-Man to bring in the Hulk!  In other words, just another day at the office for the ASM Classics gang!  This time out, Jon, Josh, and Don are joined by Dr. Bond Benton, professor at SUNY Fredonia.  He actually talks comics in class for a living, so we wanted to have him come share in the fun of classic Spidey goodness!

In Amazing Spider-Man 41, Spidey is faced with the inaugural Rhino adventure, as Jonah Jameson's son John returns from the cobwebs of Spidey's first issue, but what's this he says about SPACE SPORES??!!  Then the Avengers decide they want Spidey on the team, and all he has to do is capture the foe no team of superheroes can withstand -- the incredible HULK!!

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