Amazing Spider-Man Classics
011 ASM Classics - Tales to Astonish 57 and Amazing Spider-Man 16

Welcome to our latest episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics, the show dedicated to covering every feature book, as well as every guest and cameo appearance we can find of the amazing Spider-Man.  Our June episodes are a bit behind due to scheduling conflicts, but we think you'll find they'll be worth the wait.  This week, Michael Bailey (of Views from the Long Box) joins Jon, Josh, and Don to take a look at Tales to Astonish 57 and Amazing Spider-Man 16, and it's quite the wild ride.  And the daughter Lily makes a cameo along the way.

Just a word of warning, Spider-philes.  We're talking about Hank Pym this issue, and what is the most common single topic in regard to the Pyms?  Did you say wife-slapping?  Yes, indeedy!  And the ASM Classics gang takes the topic to bold new frontiers in the latest episode.  So have a laugh with us!

Speaking of laughs, here are some awesome pictures.




During the course of the episode, our guest Michael Bailey mentions that Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel would eventually write for Strange Tales.  He did this under the nom de plume of Joe Carter for issues 112 and 113, introducing us to kooky villains the Eel and the Plantman.  Little FYI there for you...

So, there you go, fellas and fellettes.  As for the next ep, I say in there that it should be about a week, but it may be more like ten days because in a week, I have my Spanish final, but I'll do my best!  Make sure to write us in and let us know what you think.  You may send us an email, follow us on Facebook, or leave a review on iTunes.  Come back next time for the Sinister Six!!

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