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Super-short post today.  The Avengers 3 had a series of cameos, hitting all of Marvel's title superheroes of the time, that weren't actually featured in The Avengers (except Dr. Strange, but he was a new character, and I'm not entirely sure they realized yet that he would be part of the shared universe they were building).

I talked about this issue briefly on ASM Classics, but in case you missed that or don't remember, basically what happened was this.  The Hulk got peeved at the rest of the team last issue because of, basically, trust issues.  So he leapt away in a fit of Cartman ("Screw you guys, I'm going home!").  And now, the rest of the Avengers have decided it's not okay for the Hulk to just be out there doing Hulky things.  He needs to be watched and reined in.  So they want to track him down, but they don't know how.  Iron Man decides to use a Stark-invented Image Projector to project his image to various places to converse with other superheroes and see if he can get their help.  He hits up the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man before landing on the X-Men in their mansion.  Xavier is a bit pissed that someone has just barged in and interrupted their training.  Iron Man points out that he had met the Angel recently, who had made the X-Men available to assist if Iron Man needed it.  So he asks for notice of any sightings of the Hulk.  Xavier agrees and asks that he leave.  And the rest of the book is focused on the Avengers plot with no involvement of the X-Men.

Not a whole helluva lot to say here, but there are some points worth bringing forward.  First, how does Iron Man know all these places to visit?  I can see the Baxter Building for the FF.  That's supposed to be common knowledge.  But how did he pinpoint Spider-Man so easily, and how did he know to go to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to find the X-Men?  Xavier's ties to the X-Men are supposed to be secret.  And for that matter, why isn't Iron Man using the secret wavelength used only by the X-Men and other specially licensed crime-fighting organizations used by Cyclops in Tales of Suspense 49 to contact the Avengers?  It's not like it's not the same guy writing all these books.  The idea came from his head, so he should have been able to reuse it.  (Or maybe the problem is too many ideas coming from his head, and this one wasn't important enough to remember...?)

And Xavier doesn't even seem bothered that he's been seen training the X-Men, who are in costume by the way, so it's definitely clear that he's training the X-Men.  Again, last month, Xavier talked to Iron Man telepathically, but didn't identify himself, and the point was made pretty clear that he was keeping his identity secret from Iron Man.

On the other hand, the fact that the Avengers, these heroes who've been doing this for quite some time now, decide the X-Men are worth contacting is pretty cool.  I have to wonder if Iron Man would have thought so, had he not encountered them last month?


But really, that's it.  There's not much else to this scene; it only takes up three panels.  In future, this is about the extent of what I'll do for cameo and minor appearances.  Sum up the parts of the story that need to be known, tell the X-Men's part, and talk about it.  Next post, I'm really gonna do the Blob.  Then three more posts, and I'll be caught up to Amazing Spider-Man Classics.  This is gonna work out nicely!

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